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Finished Concrete

Concrete features, such as driveways, stairs, and patios, are some of the defining features of a home. Maintaining the condition of your concrete is important as it communicates a welcoming message. If you own a commercial property, it tells your clients you are dedicated to excellence. We provide expert finished concrete services to ensure the longevity and appeal of those key defining concrete features. Concrete finishes can be applied to both existing and new concrete, so you can remove carpeting or vinyl off existing concrete slab floors and stain, dye, polish or add decorative coating.

A primary advantage of concrete floors, and other concrete features, is their design versatility. You may choose from various design options to help you achieve your desired look. From colors and stain that give you the hue you desire to choosing certain concrete finishes that resemble tile, slate, or marble – we make sure to incorporate your style, making the final result something you can be proud of. Other options include decorative stenciled borders, medallions, or custom graphics.

When you need quality concrete finish and repairs in Seattle-Tacoma, or surrounding areas, MConcrete, LLC is the team you can trust to get the job done right the first time! We promise to deliver effective, high-quality solutions whether for your residential or commercial property. We also offer competitive rates, so you won’t have to overpay for concrete work!

Our Reviews
Kurt Frower
Finished concrete for your driveway, patio, sidewalk, porch or stairs communicates a welcoming message. Once concrete is tooled with a screed, we use trowels to smooth and fine-level the concrete surface. From there we can edge and create a broom finish, exposed aggregate finish, salt finish, or stamp and stain finish concrete to create the smooth finished look you want.
Michael Waterbury
We had M Concrete bid on several of our custom home projects our company was building. Their price came in at a competitive rate but most important was the quality, on-time work the crew provided. They kept our homes on time and on budget