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Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a type of concrete that is of high porosity, allowing for high volumes of water drainage. People in the Puget Sound, or in regions that are wet and rainy, could benefit greatly from adding pervious concrete to their property. The long rainy seasons in the Puget Sound makes water accumulate in unwanted areas, causing damage to the existing structure and lots. Pervious concrete resolves this issue by acting as a low-impact storm water management tool that reduces water runoff and disperses groundwater efficiently. By eliminating stormwater retention, owners can save valuable lots, which, can be worth more than the entire pervious system itself. For these reasons, environmentally friendly, pervious concrete makes complete sense through and through and is a logical option for many commercial and residential structures in our rainy region.

Our Reviews
Kurt Frower
Finished concrete for your driveway, patio, sidewalk, porch or stairs communicates a welcoming message. Once concrete is tooled with a screed, we use trowels to smooth and fine-level the concrete surface. From there we can edge and create a broom finish, exposed aggregate finish, salt finish, or stamp and stain finish concrete to create the smooth finished look you want.
Michael Waterbury
We had M Concrete bid on several of our custom home projects our company was building. Their price came in at a competitive rate but most important was the quality, on-time work the crew provided. They kept our homes on time and on budget