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Concrete Foundation

A solid foundation is a crucial part of any new or existing building. A foundation provides stability and longevity and helps with weathering the elements. Our team will help engineer and design the right foundation for your residential home, multi-family dwelling, and commercial foundations. Before construction, we gather detailed information about the type and size of your structure, along with the type of soil that surrounds it. We understand how a well-engineered foundation accounts for these details as it can impact the results in the long-term. If your existing foundation was not properly prepared, you may encounter problems down the road. Even small problems in a foundation can turn into bigger and more expensive problems over time. You need a proven solution that will last. MConcrete LLC specializes in solving these problems to restore your home and peace of mind.

Foundation Repair: If your foundation is settling, broken, leaning, or unstable, we offer a proof-tested system to bring your foundation back to its proper condition. Most foundation damage occurs when the soil beneath the foundation settles. It is important to catch early signs of settling such as water accumulating in the basement and around the perimeter of the home, gaps in between windows and walls, sagging roof lines, and large cracks in the concrete.

Foundation Additions: Horizontal additions require a quality foundation to carry the weight of the new design, keep out moisture, provide weather-resistance, and stabilize the underlying soil. Design and construction requires a careful plan to ensure a sound structure to the existing structure and addition.

Single & Multi-Family Foundations: Skill, experience and engineering provide strength and stability for your residential home, multi-family dwelling, and commercial foundations. A well-designed foundation is engineered for the soil type and structure size and type.

Our Reviews
Kurt Frower
Finished concrete for your driveway, patio, sidewalk, porch or stairs communicates a welcoming message. Once concrete is tooled with a screed, we use trowels to smooth and fine-level the concrete surface. From there we can edge and create a broom finish, exposed aggregate finish, salt finish, or stamp and stain finish concrete to create the smooth finished look you want.
Michael Waterbury
We had M Concrete bid on several of our custom home projects our company was building. Their price came in at a competitive rate but most important was the quality, on-time work the crew provided. They kept our homes on time and on budget